View Full Version : Updated K8T Master2 FAR to use K8T800Pro chipset?

Brian Hall
June 2nd 04, 10:07 PM
That's the question- anybody know/heard rumours if MSI will be making
a dual Opteron motherboard with the Via K8T800Pro chipset soon?

I've been waiting on the 939s, now that they're out I am _very_
disappointed with the pricing so I am looking again at dual Opterons.
I'd hate to buy one of these boards only for the "Pro" version to be
announced weeks later with 1Ghz HyperTransport support!

This was one on the few AMD64/Operton boards I saw listed with AGP 2X
support, which I need for my ancient & early model Matrox G400MAX.

I plan to run the board in full 64-bit mode, using Gentoo Linux.


Brian Hall
Linux Consultant