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April 3rd 04, 10:13 PM
COprocessors went the way of the Dodo bird.........do you mean "processors"?
If so, and if you are seeing the low numbers, and the bios supports the AMD
processors, then you have the FSB set wrong.(too low) My 2500+ shows 2500+
at boot. As a matter of fact, I have it overclocked to 3200+ and it SHOWS
that it is a 3200+ processor at boot.
To make a long story short, you should see what the processor speed is RATED
at, at bootup.regardless of the "rating system" (unless your bios does not
directly support the processor)
"Fuzzbot" > wrote in message
> I currently have two systems running AMD coprocessor's. One is an XP 2300
> the other is a 2200. During bootup the CPU's show 1700 & 1500 speed
> (respectively). I know that the "2300" designation for teh XP's isn't
> on actual clock speed, but the difference betwen 2300 & 1700 is fairly
> significant. I'm wondering if I got ripped off since I bought the 2200 CPU
> at the same place I bought the 2300 as a barebones system.