View Full Version : Abit KV8-MAX3 board

March 19th 04, 07:32 AM
What a slick package Abit has put together with this board... I have been
an Abit fan for a while but was going to buy the best Athlon 64 board
available since the PC is being built for a customer. I heard abit provided
a lot of extras with their kit. I opened the box and found 4 serial ata
cables, 2 rounded ata cables, cpu retention kit, USB and Firewire backplate,
2 serial ata power adapters, and an IDE hardware encryption device.
Comparing the contents to my last purchase of an NF7-S I was impressed. I
don't know what all is being included by the other motherboard manufacturers
but so far hats off to Abit.


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