View Full Version : HPaq Smart Start ISO UPDATE (5.30, 6.30)

September 22nd 04, 07:37 AM
Hello Server Fans,

I have been busy trying to build a response and fulfillment system to better
serve my brethren in the older hardware community with their requests for
Compaq Smart Start ISO's. As of this time, these are what is available and
how they have been recently improved:

For all legacy Generation 1 (G1) servers:

Smart Start 5.30 - Now packaged as a self-extracting winrar file.
ss5.30.exe = 280M and takes about 1 hour to DL over broadband

For all older Generation 2 (G2) servers:

Smart Start 6.30 - Also packaged as a self-extracting winrar file.
ss6.30 is 385M and should take about an hour and a half over broadband.
* when I get around to locating my 6.40 CD, I will rip that and put it on
the server.

All G3 and G4 servers need Smart Start 7.00 or newer, which is available for
free download from the HP site.

( I haven't had the time to build a comprehensive matrix of server models
and the highest SS rev that works with them. Its something I have been
meaning to do which I might get around to and eventually post on the
dnsplus.net site, along with the mythical FAQ I have been intending to do).

There is now an automated response system to forward specific information to
those of you who request it. No more waiting for me to check my email and
get back to you. This has been an issue for some of our international
brothers and sisters.

Please take a moment to read and recognize the following :

This is a service that runs by the generosity of the donations by those who
use it. I am doing this because there is a definite need for it, but it does
cost money to do. Please bear that in mind, and only take what you need.

Also, let there be no mistake: No one pays Me for the software contained in
the archives, and they also agree to be bound by the licensing agreement
contained on the CD. Just like if you opened it with a new server when you
bought it. Use at your own risk, etc etc. I am not responsible for anything
you do with them.

I will offer whatever help I can (you all know what a helpful guy I am).
Questions should be posted to the group so that others might benefit from
the discourse.

It is my honor to serve,

- LC , dnsplus.net, Chicago USA