View Full Version : RA4x00 and Drives Bigger than 36G

August 31st 04, 08:34 AM
Hello Serverphiles,

In the past serveral people have asked (including myself), whether the
RA4000 storage cabinet would support drives larger than the advertised 36G.
I once surmised that since the 4000 and 4100 use the same FCArray contoller
in the chassis, and the 4100 has pubished support for 73G drives, that the
4000 should also be able to support them, even though HPaq has never printed
that this can be done.

Well .. I am here to tell you that it can be done. I just put a Maxtor Atlas
73G drive into a sled, popped it into an RA4000 Tower, opened up the ACU and
there it was. I created and array, and a 70G logical drive, did the disk
mgmt thing with w2k ... logged off, and back on and there was my 70G volume.

I am doing a performance test now.

My storage server is a PL800, 2x PIII500, 1G, 5x9 internals on a SA221. I am
doing a robocpy test of a 25G partition to the RA. Next, will be a test of a
40G partiion from one RA to another.

These things are always fun ...

I hope you find some use of this info ...

- LC