View Full Version : ATI RADEON 9800 Pro in W8000

August 8th 04, 02:59 AM
Has anyone had any luck with using the ATI RADEON 9800 Pro 256 MB in a
Compaq Professional Workstation W8000?

I have the 128 MB version working fine in a dual 2.4 GHz processor W8000.
I recently purchased a dual 2.8 GHz processor system as an upgrade, and I
tried to install the 256 MB version into that new system. As soon as I
install Catalyst 4.7 on the 256 MB version, I reboot and immediately start
getting messages about not having enough resources. Programs cannot start.
I cannot start even a command shell. Right clicking on the desktop and
selecting the desktop preferences also gives me messages about not being
able to start the system, or about some device missing.

If I boot safe mode, everything works fine.

I'm going to experiment more next weekend, but I'm trying to determine at
this point if the problem is the video card or the system.

westes AT earthbroadcast.com