View Full Version : Proliant 1600 / Redhat 9 / hangs on reboot - need help badly please!

July 24th 04, 01:55 PM

before posting here I have really went through all this forum, Google as
well but my problem still not solved though I have found similiar, or
exactly same, unfortunately still not solved issues.

At my 1600 I have 2 Compaq SCSI 9,1GB as 1 logical drive (Raid 1) under
Smart Array 221 Controler v. 4.14.
Smart Start is 4.90.
RAM: 512MB

Under F10 I have set so far:
- F1 prompt as disabled
- ASR as disabled (been tested with enabled too)

Red Hat 9.0 installed and is working perfect so far.
Problem with rebooting the machine. It is still hanging and I have to push
the power supply button to bring it online. It is very annoying since I
will managed it remotely.

I have other 2 SCSI drives and installed Redhat as well but without
Compaq`s system partiotion - same problem.
Boot loader - at MBR
Have no additional PCI boards, though tried to test with additional NIC
(properly installed under F10) and it works but machine still hangs during

Guys, any chance for help me to fix it?


July 24th 04, 05:28 PM
I have managed to use my next 2 SCSI drives and have installed XP PRO in
same way as Redhat. You can imagine server is rebooting without any
So I guess I should proceed with some kind of post-instalation procedure
on Redhat. Should I recompile the kernel?

Any tips?

kobartek at poczta.fm