View Full Version : Proliant 1600 Raid problem

July 21st 04, 10:08 AM
During the installation of a Proliant 1600 server I made a mistake that I
didn't notice until last week. Instead of putting the first two hard drives
of 9GB in a Raid 1 configuration (Mirroring) I seem to have made just a
large disk of 18Gb that is partitioned into a C: drive of 4Gb and a D: drive
that consumes the rest of the space.
In the server there are three other disks (9Gb each) that I've put in a raid
5 configuration (The E: drive). One of those drives failed last week, and I
had to replace it with a new one. Luckily this was one of the drives in the
raid 5 configuration, so everything kept on running.
After replacing the drive I had a look at the Insight manager to see if
there were any problems. At this point I saw that the other two drives
weren't in a raid configuration at all.
Now I was thinking what would be the best strategy to put the drives in a
raid 1 configuration without losing any data and without having to
re-install the complete server. The server is used as an Exchange and
internet-sharing server by the way and the data that is now on the 18Gb
partitions will fit on a 9Gb drive as well.
Using the drive manager on the startup CD of Compaq will probably erase the
data on the drive right? So what other options do I have in this case?
Thanks in advance for helping.