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July 5th 04, 04:49 AM
Alcatel's OmniStack 6024 24-port 10/100 stackable layer 2 workgroup switch
is scalable from 24 to 96 10/100BaseTX ports and support for up to 4 Gb
Ethernet ports or up to 8 100BaseFX ports.

Supports a maximum of four Alcatel OS-6024 units in a stack. The Alcatel
6024 allows you to build a network infrastructure ready for data and voice
integration. In addition, it's full compatible with Alcatel's Omni Switch /
Router, OmniCore, and OmniAccess product families. The Alcatel OS-6024 is a
convergence ready stackable workgroup switch

I'll also include Alcatel documentation: "Getting Started" Manual, "6024
Specifications" Brochure, "6024 Users Manual", and "6024 Pocket Guide". This
unit also comes with the Management Module (installed) and a power cord.

As you may already know, the Alcatel "6024 Users Manual" is EXTREMLY
difficult to find. The very few vendors that have it charge over $100.

The Alcatel "6024 Users Manual" is included free with this switch.

More details here: http://tinyurl.com/yub5w Currently at $99