View Full Version : eBay auctions from Legacy Global

June 26th 04, 03:46 PM
Watch these closely. You may be pleasantly suprised.

I won this auction:


what i ended up getting was:

2 x 866 PIII's
512M Ram
ROC Included

The only thing it was missing were the drives, which the auction said
wouldnt be there.

I talked with the sales manager, Rick, when I went to pick it up and he said
that they just take the servers that come in without really looking at them
that closely, and put them up for auction. One of thier largest clients is
Toys R Us ...

Anyway... these guys are very cool, and have thier warehouse (50K + sq feet)
in the Chicago Land area, so its easy to get it shipped almost anywhere,

Just thought i would share...


- LC