View Full Version : Garage sale: Proliant 4500, 5500 & parts....

May 4th 04, 06:13 PM
While prepping a 5500 for someone else, I've found that I've got a lot of
spare parts for the 4500, 5000 & 5500 systems.

Hard drives from 2.1 to 9GB (a lot of 4.3 & 9GB 10K RPM drives)
Memory: I've got several GB of the 256MB sticks (works in the 5000,
5500 & ?) .
CPU cards: Proliant 4500 CPU cards (P-66, P-100, P-133 & one P-166)
CPU cards: Proliant 5000 & 5500. (I'll have to look at any given card
to get CPU info from it)
RAID cards
Drive trays (50, 68 & 80 pin)
U1 drive bays.

I'm a little short on 5500 class power supplies, but I'm parting out two of
the systems. (Need case or MB parts?)

I also have two more 5500 systems that can _easily_ be made fully
Someone need a server system with 9GB drives?
How about a 4500 with 9GB drives?
{Just for fun: four P-66 with five 9GB 10K RPM drives...}

I'm located in North Seattle, local pickup is available. I will not charge
for "handling", only what it costs to ship the parts. I've got some
shipping boxes, but for the larger items I may need to buy shipping boxes.
Where possible like items will be combined to reduce shipping. Include your
City & Zip code, and I'll get you a shipping quote

Make an offer, I'm in a cleaning mood... .

Dan French
bios {underscore} hack {at} hotmail {dot} com
P.S. I also have a couple of Proliant 850's....