View Full Version : FS: Proliant 5500r

May 1st 04, 03:08 AM
Need a reliable server? (File server, Web server, FTP server...) These
systems just keep going, and going....
... I use one as an "on line backup storage" on my LAN. About ever month
or so, I fire it up, backup the data to it, and shut it down again. When the
power is off:
It can't get a virus.
It can't be hacked into.

and one CPU can easily keep up with a 100mb LAN connection -- and this
system has four!

Hot swappable drives, that are easy to find!
Replacement parts are cheap to find, if you should need them!

System has (or will have, or can start from...):
512MB RAM (or more if you want it!
6x 4GB drives (RAID) (or larger drives if you want them...)
4 CPU's ( or more... er, well, it can only support 4. BUT, you can
upgrade the system to a better CPU!!!)
CPU's are P-Pro, 200mhz.
Dual Redundant power supply!

I'll even leave the existing OS (er, putting a OS on it) on it so you can
see it working!

Proliant 5500 -- best offer. If an offer of $75 (or more:) is made, you can
pick it up now!
{ok, after I finish setting it up}

Need an extra drive bay? Need larger drives? Need lots of memory?
Want the first two drives (OS) set up RAID 1 and the next 4 set up as
RAID 5? I can get it working for you!

Dan French
email: bios {underscore} hack {at} hotmail {dot } com
P.S. Yes, I just cut an pasted from the 4500 ad.
P.S.S. The system is in my garage right now, and I'll be pulling it out,
setting it up. Want something custom done, ask!
P.S.S.S. Located in North Seattle, just off 130th. If you are out of the
area, let me know shipping details and I'll get you a quote
P.S.S.S.S. I think I have both the rackmount & non-rackmount version