View Full Version : proliant 1600

Gerard Oderkerk
April 22nd 04, 02:13 PM
I have a proliant1600 with SCSI bay, 2 x 9.1Gb on positon 1 and 2 of the
SCSI bay.
I replaced the second compaq 9.1Gb disk for a 36Gb SCSI IBM disk.

After that the next day the original 9.1Gb disk got its red led on the drive
on solid!!!
I made an image of the first 9.1 Gb drive and put it on the 36Gb ibm drive,
so all compaq drives are out the server now.
But immediately the red led of the IBM drive went on!!!!

What is the meaning of the red led of the SCSI drive???
Does it has to do with the SCSI backplane???
Or is there a procedure to replace a SCSI drive for a Compaq???

Everything is working fine, but the red-led does not pleas me

Does anyone knows a solution for this???

Gerard Oderkerk