View Full Version : Compaq R3000 UPS and Insight Manager?

David K
February 11th 04, 06:01 PM
We currently have numerous Compaq/HP R3000 UPS's that I have set up in
each rack that are attached to a UPS group controller server via
serial cable. The UPS group members are "attached" to the group
controller via TCP/IP. When I setup the compaq power agents, they
defaulted to a 5 minute shutdown timer and a 90-second shutdown delay
(buffer). I later went to Insight manager to tweak these servers to
shutdown non-critical servers first and critical servers last. I was
surprised to learn that these UPS's and Insight manager do not
"interactively" monitor battery runtime based on load and battery
condition during a power outage? I called Compaq support and was told
that I just need to make a best guess on when to shutdown certain
servers and in addition, there was no way to automatically power up
these servers up after the power was restored. So if the power goes
out for more than 20 minutes on a Friday night, I have to drive back
to the office just to turn on all the servers? Anyone aware of a
solution for Compaq Servers that can at the very least, power up the
servers after the power has been restored?