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December 31st 03, 05:26 AM
Hey folks...

I did some googleing, and couldnt find anything about this patricular
topic... so i took some stuff apart to find the answer to post here.

You may have read about my recent fibre-channel adventures...

Along the way, I discovered that the cache module on the FCAL blade was
reported as FAILED from the ACU. I got to looking around on the web, and it
seems that there are 2 models of cache for these RA4x00 FCAL Controller.

16M and 64M.

I have confirmed, here, for the benefit of the group that the 64M module is
none other than the same 64M battery backed cache (BBC) that the SA3200
uses. And while I dont have a unit confirm this with... i suspect that the
16M(BBC) is the same as that used on the Smart 2DH. And if that is true..
then it would stand to reason that you could put 64M of BBC on a 2DH if you
really wanted to. You could also buy a 2DH for $20 on ebay and replace a
failed 16M BBC card on a FCAL controller board too. See where im going with
this.... its all about cheap interoperability, and minimizing the pain of

Compaq was very efficient at reusing stuff like that.. kept thier production
costs down, and quality high.

So, now that I know I can use the BBC from an RA3200 in my FCAL RA4000
chassis controller... I dont have to spend hundreds of dollars to some
schmuck online for a replacement. I did find the problem, and it "looked"
like one of the batteries started to leak a little, and some blue fuzzy
stuff grew from the battery side of the cache card to the other side, and
commondeered a small chip. I brushed the fuzzy stuff off, though am hesitant
to put baking soda and water on it (every use that to get that crap off your
crusty battery terminal in your car?). Havent checked it out to see if the
fuzz was interruping the circuit yet.. should be doing so soon.

Ok.. thats all for now,