View Full Version : New 6402 Controller

November 23rd 03, 01:44 AM
I have pruchased a new 6402 controller to drive 10 18GB drives in a 4400
disk enclosure. These drives will be morroed and hold data only. The
controller will be installed in a ML350 that already has an array controller
in it; I beleive a 532. I want to have a C: drive and a D: drive, C for OS
and D: for Programs mounted in the ML350 and coming off the 532 controller.

Is this correct adn CAN I pull this off.
Should I pull the 532 array controller and have all the drives in the 4400
drice enclosure and run them all off the 6402 controller? What do I do with
my DDS tape backup units that also run off the 532?

Thanks for your input.