View Full Version : Professional Workstation 5100

Jose Lucas
November 19th 03, 02:33 AM

i have an old Compaq Professional WS 5100 dual PII-300 with no bios and
without f10 partition. The problems it's related to the setup's diskettes:
"F10 Setup and Diagnostics for Compaq Workstations / version 1.15 A (8 Oct
98)". When i try to run setup.exe, after booting from the diskettes, the
program tells me there is no or it's the wrong version of a driver called
cpqcm.sys. But i have this driver and load it in the first line of the
config.sys. I've tried with two versions of this driver, 1 and 2. In the
process of booting i can see that the driver boots good and it detects a
ess1868 sound card (on motherboard). So i don't understand where it's the
problem. In fact the soft paq that you download have no cpqcm.sys driver in
it, so why it needs it? I know cpqcm means compaq configuration manager, and
it's possible that this driver be necessary to detect any isa-eisa plug n
play card. The question it's: there is another version of cpqcm.sys which

Jose Lucas