View Full Version : Compaq Pres. 7360-No operating System Found-Error

November 14th 03, 08:45 AM
Everytime I try to boot up my elderly Dads pc, after the red Compaq letters,
he gets a "no operating system found" error. I've tried using the
quickrestore CD's, but all it does is pop up a screen that says
"quickrestore", and just blinks forever and goes no further. I build PC's,
so this is really ****ing me off. I tried changing the boot sequence so it
will boot from the floppy with a start up disk, but even that won't work.
I'd rather not pay Compaq just to tell me my hard drive is broken (you know
how they are). The pc is about 3 years old and has Win98SE.
Anyone have any answers?