View Full Version : Restoring Win 98 from fullrestore discs on a Presario 5460

J.Ziggy Ziegler
November 13th 03, 09:32 PM
I need a language disk 1 (b34) to complete a restore. I
requested a current set of restore disks and they were shipped out on
on Oct 30, 2003 from the Toronto location. I get the same request for
a language disk from the new restore disks -Compaq part number
124811-402. I have done a full scrub of the HD , blown out the
partitions, format c: \u , and let the restore disks partition,
format, and install the image files.I have spent over four hours
trying to resolve this problem on the phone with Compaq tech support
and have been
shuffled off three times to some place in the States that don't deal
with Canada at 35 minutes wait time each call. Can anyone help?

J. Ziggy Ziegler