View Full Version : Proliant 3000

Steve Battles
November 11th 03, 09:58 PM
I need to swap out the original cd drive with a replacement from
Compaq. When I set up this server I couldn't figure out how to get
access to the original, so I just added a spare drive temporarily.
What's the secret to getting the original drive out? This is a tower
model if that makes any difference.

Colin Anderson
November 11th 03, 11:32 PM
Undo all the thumbscrews around the hot plug cage. Open the side panel, and
roughly in the middle of the open cavity, is a white semi-circular pull
handle with a little screw in it. Give it a tug so it comes out about an
inch, and give the front of the cage a pull. It will slide out, and you can
undo the screws around the CD ROM drive and then you can replace it in the
usual way. Be gentle!

Steve Battles
November 13th 03, 04:17 AM
Thanks for the help. Your instructions were perfect! Swapped out the
CD drive in about 15 minutes. 14 of those were spent blasting the dust
out of the unit. Thanks again!