View Full Version : moved drives, lost config: smart-2/p raid 1

Michael Grigoni
October 28th 03, 01:56 AM

We had two drives at ID 0 and 1 configured as RAID 1 on
a smart-2/p controller; I needed to work with this file
system from another o/s so I removed these drives (set
them aside) and installed two new drives in ID 0 and 1
and configured the controller for RAID 0 on them. I
then did an o/s install on this logical drive and later
reinstalled the two original drives in ID 2 and 3; the
old drives were recognized as a second logical drive
and I was able to mount that existing file system.

Now I need to return the original drives to their original
IDs but the controller complains that the drives have
been moved.

Can I use the ACU to rebuild the original configuration without
losing the data on the original array?

Proliant 5000, BIOS E16 04/30/99; SMART-2/P Rev B v4.48

All replies appreciated.

Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum