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October 17th 03, 06:59 PM
if i am not mistaken, these machines do not support IDE drives (only the

You can pull the cable from the array controller, and clear the NVRAM via
the SW1 switch on the board.

put the CDROM back on, and boot from the CD. Then run the system congfig
utililty to re-populate the NVRam, and you should be good.


"Herve Boulouis" > wrote in message
> Hi
> I ve a big problem with an old ML370 :
> I had installed a freebsd 4.7 on the raid 5 volume and wanted
> to add a big IDE disk to add some temporary storage. I want to
> use the sled on which the floppy disk is mounted for the ide disk so
> I disabled the floppy controller and drive in the SmartStart Installation
> CD (release 4.90) and removed the floppy drive.
> The problem is that since that moment, the SmartStart CD does not
> boot anymore. It goes to the loading splash screen then the screen
> goes black and nothing more happens (no cd activity, no disk activity)
> I tried to put back the floppy drive but no success. I've to precise
> that my freebsd still boots fine and no, I don't have the system
> partition and utilities :(
> Has anybody already seen this problem ?
> --
> Herve Boulouis - Nerim