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Doug F
October 14th 03, 10:45 PM

Thanks, that's helpful. Unfortunately this is my only multi-processor
box. Setting the "affinity" seemed to help when I deselected 2 of the
cpu's, but when all were selected all the processing quickly went to
either the first or third cpu. However this was short lived as it gave
me an ASR not long after. I'm not sure if it was from setting affinity
or setting priority, in any case it must have made it unstable.


On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 22:53:01 -0500, Dave Pooser
> wrote:

>In article >, Doug F
> wrote:
>> I'm running an app that requires fairly intensive cpu utilization on a
>> quad ppro proliant 6000. However, I noticed in taskmanger and CIM that
>> only the first cpu is doing the majority of the processing (about 80%
>> utilization) while the remaing cpu's are floating around 6%
>> utilization.
>> Is there a tweak somewhere to load balance across all cpu's?
>The app has to be properly threaded to take advantage of multiple CPUs.
>(My company's primary database is not, so on my dual-processor DB
>server one CPU does all the heavy lifting while the other handles the
>OS and other apps. Bummer, but it is what it is.) Have you seen this
>app take advantage of SMP on other boxen?