View Full Version : Erratic CD - Time to replace?

Neil Day
August 19th 03, 03:01 PM
Hi all, I have a Presario 5008CA that's almost 2 years old. No problems
with it with the exception that it never kept the proper hour time, but
the minutes yes.

Anyway about a week ago the BIOS started giving the message that it's
detecting the hard disk, then detecting the CD.

So then the CD stopped working. I took it to a computer place nearby who
couldn't find anything wrong. In fact the CD was working. So I brought
it back, used it for a couple of hours yesterday, then the CD stopped
working again. Got up this morning and it's working again. So I attempt
to install SuSeLinux, but it balks at the task and reccommends I do it
from Windows, which is odd because Linux is usually very good at
resizing Windows partitions.

So here's my problem: Not sure where the problem is: the CD, the hard
disk, a controller, the battery, or it overheating?

Plus the fact that this morning the 1st time I put a CD into the drive
it open and closed a couple of times before accepting the disc. This is
something that happened on an old computer.

Just want

Thanks in advance,