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August 19th 03, 12:51 PM
(Jere Moore) wrote in

> This computer has what is apparently a quick release mechanism
> so that the floppy and CD rom drive positions can be quickly
> changed in order to allow the unit to be used upright as a tower
> or flat as a desktop. I don't have the manual so I can't quite
> figure out how this is supposed to work, and I don't want to
> break something fooling around with it.
> If someone has the manual for one of these and can email me
> scans of the appropriate pages, I would be appreciative. If not,
> then perhaps someone can post detailed (dummy-type) instructions
> as to how to make this change.
> Thanks,
> J F Moore

This *should* be the right ine, see the section on Serviceability

If not, you can access the manual(s) for Deskpros online here:

Select "see support and troubleshooting information", select your
model and then look for the corresponding Reference Library entries
- usually PDF files.