View Full Version : Eov n800v

August 19th 03, 07:05 AM

We got around 12 Evo n800v in our Company and we are not to happy with these
machines first of they sometimes just reboot or if they go in save mode and
u come back u need to reboot, it more like turns of the machine then going
into standby.

Second funny thing with these machines is they take real long to logon to
our ADS (domain) and when I mean long, hey u can drink a coffee in the time
it takes for these machines to logon they get stuck by user setting are
being loaded. With our PC stations we got no problems (Compaq D510 2.4Mhz)
they don't just logon they fly in.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same, or having the same

Thanx for any tips and infos

O we got Windows XP Pro on the notebooks and a W2K ADS server structure.