View Full Version : Presario 7400 Problems

Richard Phillips
August 15th 03, 02:35 AM
I inherited a dead 7400 (no disks, no video output at all, but the drives
and CPU fan were running). It responded partially to a new motherboard, but
still is not running right.

It boots up to Win 98SE, and then gives a message that there is a problem
with the display settings. The desktop does come up, but the display is, as
you might expect, not quite normal. One of the messages I got was that the
ACPI.SYS was bad, but I can't find that file. In the Device Manager almost
all the devices are indicated as not working properly, becasue the bios is
reporting the resources for the device incorrectly, with various codes.

I did a diskette-based re-flash on the bios using a downloaded from Compaq,
but there was no improvement.

Importantly, it does not recognize the CD drive. Also, the config.sys and
autoexec.bat files are empty, with no text displayed when I open them. I
downloaded the Compaq patches (all 15 meg of them) with another machine and
put them on a CD, but with no way for this machine to read the CD, I can't
go any further.

My guess is that it won't see the CD until I load drivers, but I know just
enough about all this to be dangerous to myself. so I could use some advice
on how to proceed.


Rich Phillips