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August 13th 03, 09:50 AM
"trimicada" > wrote in

> Has anyone put Linux on a 5WV254 Presario? I am putting together a
> new system as my primary, so thought I'd use the Presario to try to
> learn a bit about Linux. Any hints or tips?
> Thanks.

It didn't work for me. Mine's a 5BW220. I tried Peanut Linux and it
couldn't install the onboard Intel 82810 graphics card. I tried everything.

Someone suggested I try Mandrake, but I haven't.

I could run it as a command line interpreter, but couldn't do anything
graphical. Typing "startx" sent it into a black screen of death.

Oddly enough, the Actiontec Winmodem I have is one of the very few that
Linux does have drivers for. I wish I could have gotten that far.