View Full Version : looking for used laptop with long battery life

Phil Schuman
August 7th 03, 03:45 PM
I'm looking for a new laptop - probably used for a year or two -
I need something with a longer battery life than 2 hrs,
and also retains it's charge while sitting on the shelf -
I've found the various Toshiba laptops we have
loose their charge just sitting around -

Any specific models to look for over on eBay ?

We have several older laptops around the house for software testing.
Toshiba 410 - Linux RH 6.2
Toshiba 430 - Win95b
Toshiba 4015 - Win98se
Toshiba 2755 - WinXP
IBM Thinkpad 600e - NT 4.0 server
Fujitsu Lifebook E330 - NT 4.0 workstation

All the Toshiba's have terrible battery shelf life -
I'd like to dump the Toshiba laptops I have,
and get another used one over on eBay
that has a lot of battery time & battery shelf life,
and the other general features -
support for XP or Win2k or Linux
and has the various drivers available
P600 or faster
256meg of memory
20 or 30 GB drive -
CDrom or even CD burner - or DVD -
floppy drive - PCMCIA, Serial, Parallel, USB - maybe firewire -
all built-in with no external devices or caddies

Any suggestions for a well supported older model laptop
that has all the usual built-in hardware & SUPPORT from the mfg -
without all the frilly stuff, and glitter buttons -

Phil -