View Full Version : Brand New Compaq: What programs and files should I get rid of?

August 7th 03, 04:46 AM
This is my first new computer.What advice can you all give as to what I can
clean off of the computer before I get started loading my junk on it?

In the Add/Remove programs window,I have deleted AOL, Money 2002, Money
2002 System pack and Works 6.0(I will reinstall my old Office 2000--is
there any reason I should keep Works?). The rest of the programs look like
keepers except what is the 401MB Setup Compaq Software Programs? If I don't
install it, do I keep it on the Harddrive?

Those are all the programs shown in the add/delete window.

In addition, looking at the programs, I see Windows Messenger, MSN Explorer
and Encarta which I don't use and will probably delete

That is about the limit of my knowledge. What other things that are hidden to
me should I be looking to delete. Are there things that I need to be looking
at or is the above about all?

Thanks for your input,