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July 27th 03, 08:51 PM

I'm having the exact same situation on (AMD, 700 MHz), which is also
second-hand, has WinME on it, with no apparent driver conflicts.

To answer your question first -- it doesn't seem that absent floppy
should be a problem, though no CPU fan potentially could cause
overheat damage to CPU, though should not blow the motherboard.

I haven't found the cause/solution to my situation yet, though here's
0) no ploblems in BIOS.
1)it worked for the first day more or less steady (not much load)
2)suddenly it locked up /froze (forzen image on the screen, no mouse,
no keybrd) in the middle of a file copy (which in fact is not that
3)I power cycled it and it booted up to Win fine again (I noticed a
single beep).
4)it got locked up again after couple minutes with nothing running (no
tasks besides Explorer and SysTray).
5)power cycle (even with prior cord re-plugging) doesn't make it boot.
6)On power on it turns on fans etc, visibly checks CDROM/HD (but
__not__ floppy),beeps once, but nothing shows up on the screen (or it
just locks up on Compaq splash)
7)after 1 hour of cooling down it could boot it up again (one beep),
and it locked on its own after 20 min.

WHAT MADE IT BOOT (temporarily):
1)unplugging/re-plugging of the AC cord, power cycle.
2)cooling down.
3)re-seating of the CMOS battery (might be the same as cooling of),
wich also may poining to dead/weak CMOS battery.

1)replace CMOS battery
2)replace memory
3)replace video card.
4)check IDE jumpers on the CD/HD (should be either both CS, or resp.
PM,SM etc.)

well it seems that CPU is able to work in my case, though it might be
malfunctionnig as well.

check this posting too (cut and paste if it's wrapped):
http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&selm=8144e399.0203150602.2062a44%40posting.google. com


(Austin) wrote in message >...
> I have purchased a second hand Presario 5000 (1.3Ghz) which began to
> fail after about 15 minutes.
> At boot it now shows only the Compaq splash screen, it will not boot
> from CD or floppy. I did discover the connection to the processor fan
> and floppy drive were not connected so perhaps the processor and/or
> motherboard have blown. My question is if the Compaq splash screen can
> be displayed is the processor and/or the motherboard OK
> Austin Panes

the yeti
July 28th 03, 07:02 AM
I've got a 5000 that would freeze at random Intervals all the time.
AMD 750 Duron. There is no case fan in this computer stock. I added
an exhaust fan in the back and it stopped overheating and stopped
freezing. $10 easy fix.

Actually my 5000 is pretty sweet now. It is running Windows 2000
Server, has 640 MB Pc133 RAM, a 10 gig boot Hard drive bolted where
the CD-RW used to be, a 120 gig drive in the HD cage. In front of the
HD cage is a fan blowing heat off the HD (the Bezel is removed). The
side panel has a hole cut in it and an Intake fan has been added also.
Current uptime, about 2 months. Next upgrade, Power Supply, or that
Nivida Vantra, that sill overheats and causes artifacts on warm days.

Darn thing sounds like a jet too.