View Full Version : Keyboard problem with Presario 1210US

July 26th 03, 08:32 AM
The internal keyboard just up and quit working, leaving me brother with only
a, x, caps lock, and 1 keys working. Using external keyboard works fine but
it's a PITA to lug around extra keyboard.

I've taken it apart and cleaned and reseated the keyboard connector but it
made no difference. I suspect the plastic sheet somehow got dirty (possibly
something spilled on it?) but the keys don't want to come off easy.

Assuming for the moment the keyboard can be fixed, what's the best way to
remove all the key caps? He'd rather not spend about $100 for a replacement
keyboard and a junk 1210US with working keyboard doesn't pop up on eBay at
this moment.

Thanks for any help or advices you can give.