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July 23rd 03, 09:38 PM
Have you tried:


Reg Ronaldson wrote:
> This is the only newsgroup I can find on Compaq products so I hope
> someone can answer my questions. If not perhaps someone can point me to
> a more suitable newsgroup. I tried getting into one of the Compaq online
> forums today but just couldn't get in and gave up after about 10
> minutes.
> I've just acquired an Armada 1750 laptop (model 6366/T/6400/D/0/1)
> without any instructions but loaded with WinXP Pro. Is there somewhere
> that I can download a manual? I've been to the Compaq web site but can't
> find anything about instruction manuals. There are some buttons above
> the keyboard which I can't fathom out. Also how do you get into the
> Also I seem to have a problem with the built-in mouse. It works fine but
> sometimes it when hovering the cursor over a folder, file or button it
> acts as if the left mouse button has been pressed; this can be rather
> dangerous in some situations. I did wonder if it was an XP function but
> I can't find anything like it in my XP books.
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