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July 23rd 03, 08:14 AM
No,it all depends on the processor and equipment installed,though most seem
terribly underpowered.My 5423US is a Pentium 4 model,and only has a 235
watt psu,barely enough to do the job.Since most decent graphics cards
require at least 300 watts these days,you'll probably need a bigger unit,if
you're fortunate enough not to have gotten a model with a proprietary power
supply like mine does.
"Agent83" > wrote in message
> I have a pasario 5410CA and I was trying to upgrage the graphics card
> when someone mentioned I should check to see what Watt the power
> supply was. I checked and it says 146 W on the power supply. That
> would mean that if I have enough power then it is barely enough. Yet a
> pasario 5430 at the office has a graphics card and a DVD player that
> mine does not have. Did Compaq actually put that small of a power
> supply in these computers and did all the 5000 series pasarios not
> have the same power supply.