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July 23rd 03, 12:45 AM
Here is some info. In particular in references MS knowledge base article


"DEJ57" > wrote in message
> Anyone remember the steps to cure DOS compatibility mode operation?
> One was to remove the line NOIDE from the regestry, as I recall. Other
step or
> two? I believe there was...
> I was under the impression this condition sometimes occurs when two IDE
> don't get along. A 40GB HDD in my 7204 doesn't appear to be spooning with
> Compaq 6x CDROM, or with my BIOS. I used an overlay to get by the 8GB
limit on
> the 7240 but still have to F1 boot through a HDD error during boot. Since
> that's true, that the 7240 doesn't really like the large drive and
overlay, it
> may only run in DOS compatibility mode.
> Opinions welcomed!
> Dale
> Dale

July 23rd 03, 05:43 AM
Thanks for the links, guys--I'll take my shots and see if I can fix it....Dale