View Full Version : Burner problem usint Memorex CD-RW

Shirley Azvedo
July 17th 03, 09:29 PM
Have Compaq 5868, Windows 98. Came with Just Burn and works fine with
CD-Rs. Purchased Memorex CD-RWs and everytime I put the cd in the drive and
close the drive it makes a clicking sound about every 4 seconds. And that
is all that it does. It doesn't write anything. Sometime in the past I
purchased some CD-RWs, also Memorex and they worked just fine. The first
ones I bought had 4xRewrite Speed written under the Memorex title and they
worked. Aren't all CD-RWs rewrite?

Another question............. When you are backing up the computer and a
CD-RW gets full are you able to continue on another CD-RW? Do you have to
erase the information on a CD-RW before you can use it again or does the new
information write over the top of the previous information?