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July 14th 03, 05:43 PM
(Chris Simeone) wrote in message >...
> Can anyone tell me the correct Power Supply pinouts for a Compaq Presario 5204.
> J15 on the mainboard is a 6-pin connector.
> J12 on the mainboard is a 12-pin connector.
> The power supply has three 6-pin connectors labeled P1, P2, and P3.
> What goes where? (i.e. P1 to J15? etc.)
> Thanks,
> Chris S.

I am trying to customize my standard ATX power supply to be used with
my Compaq Presario 5335ea using the FIC AZ31 motherboard which takes
the 20 pin and a 6 pin connector I checked this website for the
click on see diagram for the ATX 2.03
Please let me know if it's any help and how you got on.
Ben .