View Full Version : Fatal Exception OE 0167:BFF8E0CC

July 14th 03, 12:30 AM
More accurate info than last post...

Compaq notebook Presario 17XL265, 64MB RAM, Win98SE

Helping a kid who was given this computer by a friend.
From what I was told, he d/led a game and the computer froze.

When attempting to start Windows in both Normal and Safe Mode I get
"Fatal Exception OE 0167:BFF8E0CC"

I cannot even make the computer boot from a diskette regardless of
BIOS/BOOT setup.

I ran latest F-Prot from DOS/diskettes: no virus

The only access is through DOS.

- Would running Windows/Options/CABS/setup.exe from DOS reinstall

- Is the problem that the video driver was replaced when the game was
d/led? If so can I restore it from DOS? If so which file is it in the
CPQDRV folder and where do I copy it to? Will this fix the problem?

- Other suggestions?

I hesitate to ask the mother to buy the restore CDs if they will not

Thanks for all suggestions!