View Full Version : Fan of Compaq nx9005 DG832

Roger Müller
July 13th 03, 09:52 PM
Hi all!

My brand-new Compaq nx9005 DG832 (the AMD 2000+ w/256mb &
DVD-CDRW-combo) is a real nice machine besides a huge, huge BUT: the fan
(the outgoing one on the side of the machine) is always on, when I start
the machine it starts as well and it keeps going on and on (ok,
occasionally it stops, but whenever I hit a key on the keyboard it
starts running again). I am used to fans running a couple of secs or
minutes at startup time or when a notebook is under heavy load, but this
one really starts to get annoying. Has anyone experiences similar
behaviour or is mine (the fan) simply faulty?

Thx and cheers,