View Full Version : Help - where do I start with Armada 7750?

July 13th 03, 05:21 PM
I've recently purchased a second hand Compaq Armada 7750 laptop that has
been "wiped clean" by it's previous owner so has no operating system.

It has no CD Rom drive that makes loading any software at all an interesting
challenge but I've seen a Teac external CD Rom with a PCMCIA connection that
I am thinking of buying as it's reasonably priced and should be easy to
connect/disconnect as required.

I therefore need to install an operating system. I have an OEM version of
Windows ME and a floppy boot disk made from an existing PC with ME
installed. Looking at the Compaq website there don't seem to be any ME
drivers for this PC although there are Windows 95/98 and Windows 2000
drivers. Before I start does this mean the laptop won't work with ME?

I have a Windows 95 CD Rom but no boot disk. Will the laptop boot from the
CD rom through the PCMCIA connection or will I need to create a boot disk
somehow and add the CD Rom drivers to make it recognise there is a CD Rom
dive there at all?

Will the boot disk work on a different type of PC than the one it was
created from?

Once I've started the laptop with the boot disk how do I go about installing

At what stage do I install the drivers that I'll need to download from the
Compaq site e.g. sound?

As you can tell I'm not sure what I'm doing and am afraid of getting the
blue screen of death so any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks a