View Full Version : cpu fan in Presario 1925 laptop?

Jon Dough
July 13th 03, 01:13 AM
In the 2 months I've had this laptop, I've NEVER heard of seen the little
fan (located on the side of the upper left corner of the keyboard) run. The
keyboard gets fairly warm, but even after using the laptop for an hour or
so, the fan still hasn't kicked in. I did try poking it with a toothpick,
and the blades can turn so it's not frozen, but I'm wondering if it's
electrically dead? Anyone that can tell me how much their fan runs, or how
long it takes for it to decide to turn on? Looks like replacing it would be
a MAJOR task......

Also, anyone know where the CMOS battery is on this laptop? I don't see it
under the keyboard, although much of the area is covered by the thin metal

m9876c at yahoo dot com