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July 12th 03, 02:51 PM
Only in Device manager in Windows. Nowhere else.

"The Audioman" > wrote in message
> Hey all,
> I recently bought a better sound card than the integrated one in my
> Compaq 7360. I have installed the new card (soundblaster live) and it
> works great, however I want to deactivate the integrated audio
> completely. The reason for this is that I use screen access software
> with a software speech engine and having both cards active seems to be
> bogging the machine down. On most systems I am familiar with there is
> either a choice in the bios to disable the onboard audio or there is a
> jumper on the motherboard. I have emailed the folks at Compaq and I
> actually got a response from them, however it was limited to disabling
> the card within windows which does not do squat. So, if anyone has
> any idea how to do this I would very much appreciate knowing. As I
> cannot read the screen I tried having someone go through the bios
> screens with me yesterday however we could not find anything but it is
> entirely possible we missed it.
> In any case, any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
> best regards,
> The Audioman

July 12th 03, 08:20 PM
Actually, it's the norm for many mass-produced PC's, i.e. Compaq, HP,
Gateway, Dell, etc., with reduced-option BIOSes.