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Happy Canuck
July 6th 03, 10:56 PM
Try this location, you will have to hunt around unless you know exactly
which product you have.


"Wilfried Verbert" > wrote in message
> Hi group
> I am completely new to this group. From work I got an old Compaq Deskpro
> ENS/P733/10E/9/128C FR
> I did FDisk and Format, installed Windows98SE for personal use at home.
> I only have 2 or 16 colours resolution 640 by 480 pixels.
> In Compaq help they have sent me to a page for " Open VMS system and VMS
> Wizard", I do not understand one letter of it, I do not know what they
> talking about.
> Question: How to I put in more colours and a higher resolution
> Sorry for the broken English.
> Any help appreciated
> W.V.

Miss Jo Anne CD
July 7th 03, 12:21 PM
>>>>I only have 2 or 16 colours resolution 640 by 480 pixels....<<<<

Try going to www.compaq.com and downloading the display driver for you
particular computer.

- Bobb -
July 7th 03, 10:25 PM
VMS is for the minicomputers NOT PC's.
The numbers that you supplied is the configuration of the PC.
As Happy says goes to the www1.hp.com page he mentions, and choose your
language from the bar

| | | |
but before look at your Pc. What is the serial number ? Can you find it on
the back/bottom ?
You may need to know the configuration code (the middle 4 characters of the
serial number)
What is the exact model , like, Deskpro EN 4000
enter it here
and it will describe software you need to download.

Also note -- is it a Deskpro DESKTOP or a WORKSTATION ? Look here

enter the serial number here
The number that you entered is the configuration of the PC.