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Rob King
July 6th 03, 10:20 AM
"Dillon Family" > wrote in message
> I've know there has been a problem with certain notebook computers (like
> Presario) freezing up when a particular MS Hotfix is applied
> (317...something or other I think...it's well-documented). I had this
> problem several months ago; removed the Hotfix and everything was fine.
> Lately I started having the problem again. I uninstalled all the hotfixes
> had installed (didn't install the bad one, by the way), but still got the
> freeze ups (had to hard boot...no control-alt-delete). Thought I was
> looking at a reformat and reinstall anyway, so I decided to go for broke,
> and install XP Service Pack 1.
> Everything went fine, but after a while, I continued to have the freeze
> I also read that some of these computers run hot with more than 256 MB or
> ram. My machine is running XP Home with 384 MB of ram, so I took a 128 MB
> stick out to see what happens. So far, so good. Has anyone else had this
> freezing problem, and what worked for you? Thanks for your help.

Yup, with a 711AU. It's in the shop being fixed for the 4th time now and
it's getting beyond a joke really. To be fair this is the first time we've
taken it back for the freezing problem.

It randomly freezes either with just no response or a complete meltdown
followed by spontaneous reboot. Funny that I should use the word meltdown,
because that's how hot it is underneath when it happens. Every fan in the
thing whirs into life and then it dies.

Ironic that it should be called "freezing".

IMO, the cooling systems in the 700 series are just badly designed. I had a
Toshiba Satellite (PIII600) and I could run it for 12 hours a day non-stop
and it never missed a beat. Yeah it got hot, but not enouhg to cause any