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June 27th 03, 11:45 PM
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> >>> Hello.
> >>> On a compaq deskpro p800 running windows 2000, I encountered the
> >>> following
> >>> problem. Usually, when I shut down windows, after a few seconds the
> >>> computer turns itself off completely (without pressing the power
> >>> button). Lately however,
> >>> it seems to turn itself off when shutting down windows, but the
> >>> power-on led
> >>> remains on. Does anyone know what might be causing this or how to
> >>> resolve this
> >>> problem?
> >>>
> >>> Thanks in advance for any feedback on this issue, regards,
> >>> Niek
> >>
> >> This behavior is consistent with the unit in standby, perhaps
> >> hybernate,
> >> mode. Have you made any changes to the power managment settings?
> >>
> >> Q
> >
> > Not that I know of, but perhaps someone has been fiddling with the
> > bios or something. Or can settings in the windows 2000 configuration
> > also cause it to switch to hybernating mode when windows is shut down?
> Well, you would know if it were hybernating because the OS "usually"
> reports coming out of hybernation as it restores the operating state.
> Standby is so fast when restored there can be no confusion about it not
> booting. I would check the power management settings anyway.
> Q

Somehow the problem doesn't seem related to the bios settings.
I've got a second deskpro computer with exactly the same bios settings
and yet
this computer doesn't have the problem with the power-on led remaining
on after the computer is shut down.
Also, the only way to turn on the computer with the power-on led
problem is to depress the powerbutton for 15 seconds so it really
turns off and then turning it on again, so it doesn't seem to be
hybernating or in stand-by mode.