View Full Version : Power issue on 616 TI Extensa

Russell Keller
August 26th 04, 03:24 PM
Hi All,

This will be my second post on this subject. The other one
disappeard. Not sure what that's all about. Anyway, I
recently purchased a nice 616 TI Extensa. it was discribed as having a
120mhz for a processor. I believed
it more likely that it was a 150. When the machine arrived,working
perfectly, I proceded to break the machine down to the processor and check
the value of the processor. (done this many times) I was correct, it was
indeed a 150mhx. Put the machine back together and nothing. The power
indicator lights up, sounds like the HD spins up but no bios info on the
screen. Nothing on the screen. Any ideas? Many thanks Russ