View Full Version : Acer 1200 Battery woe

June 14th 04, 01:26 PM

I currently have an ACER Aspire 1200 (uk model) which is fitted with a
N-30N3 series battery.
It had always been used on mains with battery fitted and not left on battery
often or for long till recently.

It was put on to battery one night 5 mins later - flat
left to charge over night - pull power lead out battery goes 100% to dead
straight away
now the computer shows charging for about 2 hours @ 0% then switches off
charging with
nothing in the battery

I think it is almost certainly the battery but has anyone found out

Is there any recommendations for battery suppliers ? if this turns out to be
the case

Do u want to sell me your battery ? (uk only please) drop me an email

Thanks in advance

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