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Bob S
October 15th 03, 03:23 PM
Has anybody upgraded an Acer laptop from Win98 to Windows XP?

Frank Kemper
October 18th 03, 11:23 PM
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> Has anybody upgraded an Acer laptop from Win98 to Windows XP?

I downgraded a TravelMate 612TX from Win XP home to Win2K professional
and then back to Win XP pro. No problems.

If you plan to upgrade your machine, you should check the follwing

1. Does Acer offer XP drivers for your machine on its website? (If so, XP
will run on your machine)

2. Is your machine good enough for XP? The CPU should be at least a
Pentium II with 300 MHz, (500 MHz or more is better). You should have at
least 128 MB RAM and at least 5 GB Hard Disk space.

3. Do you use accessories, which will need a special driver (special
mouse, external drive, scanner, graphics tablet)? Check with the web
pages of the manufacturers to get the actual XP drivers. It would be a
good idea to write all these drivers to either a floppy disc or a CD ROM.

4. Backup all data on your harddisk. They all will be lost after the
upgrade. You should backup individual data such as texts, bookmarks and
images. Program files are not as critical, as you can re-install the
programs. Anyway, a complete image file (which contains all data) can be
a good idea, so you can restore your current state, if the XP
installation fails.

5. Check, which kind of XP license you have got. If you have an upgrade
version, this version will require a given Windows installation. Check if
your XP update license enables you to upgrade from Win98. If so, you
should have the Win98 installation CD at hand. If you have a XP full
version, it does not matter which kind of installation is on your
machine. Stay away from XP restoration discs sold with other computers.
these discs will not run on your machine. Create a Windows 98 boot floppy
disc before you start the upgrade.

6. If you want to upgrade to XP you have two choices: You can keep your
exisiting Windows installation and just have it upgraded, or you can
completely delete the old Windows and install the new one. I would
recommend the last one. A fresh installation will run far more stable and
will save you a lot of disc space. However, it will require a lot more
work, as you have to reinstall all programs and to restore all backed up
data. Nevertheless, it is wotht the effort.

7. Delete your old stuff: Boot your machine from the Windows 98 boot
floppy disc. Format your harddisc. Then reboot the computer, enter the
BIOS and set the computer to boot from CD. Insert XP installation CD,
install XP. During installation XP may detect new hardware and require
some drivers. Use the drivers you have stored on floppy or CD before. If
you use an upgrade version, XP will fail to detect an old Windows (as you
have formatted your drive) and it will demand the Win98 installation
disc. Follow the instructions on screen.

8. After Windows XP has been installed, re-install your programs, install
tools supplied by acer (for touchpad, graphics adapter and other
accessories) and restore personal data. You are done.


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Good Man
October 19th 03, 12:53 AM
Bob S > wrote in news:YLcjb.25186$3A6.11195

> Has anybody upgraded an Acer laptop from Win98 to Windows XP?

i upgraded my TravelMate 521TE. I decided to wipe the disk clean and
install from scratch. And you know what? XP didn't prompt me for a
single driver - it had them all!!!

I think i might have installed the odd driver or two (for touchpad?
sound?) from ACER, but if i recall correctly, it worked fine right away.
I didn't upgrade the BIOS at all before installing (though the Acer site
suggested it for some reason).

And by the way, XP is running like a dream on my laptop, coming up on
two years :)