View Full Version : Colour adjustment of WDM Driver

February 3rd 05, 08:16 PM
Recently I started to record old VHS-Video tapes with my nVidia
GeForce4-based computer. I managed all initial problems, but one
remains: Most records have a significant shift to red colours.

With Google I found the very promising "VideoWDMControl" tool:
This tool enables the change of basic Video capture parameters. For my
problem it offers a "Saturation" and a "Colour Tone" adjustment. The
first (saturation) works fine, but it influences not only the saturation
of red but also of all other colour intensities.
The "Colour Ton" adjustment (I hope my translation is correct) would be
the perfect solution - but unfortunately each application of this
adjustment switch results in a severely disturbed (flickering) video

Is there any other possibility, to control the nVidia WDM driver?