View Full Version : 2 screens + monitor screen

January 27th 05, 07:46 PM

I've got a GForce 5200 with 2 vga Out + 1 AGP video card with 1 screen
plugged on it (so 3 screens)

I would like to use the 3rd screen to "monitor" and send the image of what I
am doing on the 1st or 2nd (plugged on the fx5200)???

Is it possible...
What soft or Hard do I need ?

Exemple : on the 1st screen i've got Internet Explorer...
on the 2nd : Windows Explorer.

on the 3rd (plugged on the AGP card) I would like either Internet Explorer
shown on 1st screen or Windows explorer (some same things on both)

Am I clear ? not sure :o)

Please help.
Thanks to you.